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Fine and Coarse Mulch
Fine Mulch

Fine mulch is the smaller of the two mulches.

This product is good to keep the garden weeds down and is a cheaper option than Decor bark. 

Fine mulch has a warm feel, smells nice and drains well, making it ideal for calf and goat bedding.

Fine Mulch - click to enlarge

Coarse Mulch

Coarse mulch is the most effective and cost efficient bark to keep the weeds out of your garden and the moisture in!

This product is chunky, long lasting and looks very natural. It can be used without weedmat.

For best results spread 100mm thick and as a rule you need 1 cubic metre for every 10 metres squared.

Coarse Mulch is great as bedding in calf sheds and can be used for 2 seasons and then spread out on the garden if required!

Coarse Mulch - click to enlarge


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