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Kiwi Orchid Bark


Exciting new packaging for our Kiwi Orchid Bark range; After trialing the red woven bags very succesfully we now introduce our own custom made green bags.(See below.) 

As a supplier we are always looking at innovative ideas to fulfil the needs of our customers and recently we reviewed our packaging to supply several of our international customers like, Fred Clarke, Jeffrey Newman, Graham Muller etc On the 20th of May 2015 we sent a 40 foot container of Kiwi Orchid Bark to Jeffrey in the red woven bags.And we also send containers with these bags to Fred Clarke and Julyia in Russia.

See pictures above for example of the product in the green custom made bags. They are very popular. So much so that we had them looked after by our vicious guard dog.

The feedback from all customers was tremendous. They now put the bags of Kiwi Orchid Bark directly into a water/fertilizer mixture the night before use. Next morning, the bark has absorbed all moisture and added fertilizer, without even having to remove the product from the packaging. This minimized double handling of the Bark.

We are also trialling this packaging in shipments of Kiwi Orchid Bark to Australia. So far we have found they meet the quarantine requirements and stand up to the heat treatement. We will update you with the feedback from our Australian client, Graham Muller, when we receive it.

There are a number of significant advantages to supplying Kiwi Orchid Bark in Mesh bags;
-You can minimize double handling by placing the whole bag in a water/fertilized filled basin to hydrate before use. 
-Any moisture in a woven, bark filled bag, can disipate during transport and storage, rather than getting trapped in a plastic bag.
-Fumigation will effectively treat all the bark in these woven bags.
-Handling and stacking is easier, plastic bags can be slippery.
-If using only part of the contents the bag can be resealed and stored away.
-The bag can be re-used for bark and other purposes.

We are very happy with the green labelled woven custom made bags.


 From Fred Clarke;

Kiwi Orchid Bark has been used exclusively at Sunset Valley Orchids for the last 5 years. Over that period we have grown and finished, in Kiwi Orchid Bark,over 100,000 orchid plants, including Cattleyas, Paphiopedilums, Australian Dendrobiums, Catasetums, Cymbidiums, Zygopetalums, Stanhopeans, and other genera. Compared to other pottingmedia I have used during 35 years of growing orchids and operating a commercial greenhouse, I have found it to be a superior product. I believe it is the best orchid potting media available.

Fred's pictures below show great root growth at several timescales again in Kiwi Orchid Bark made of Fresh Bark; a soilless, very open and well drained media as it should be.


 10 months in pot  10 months no pot

 22 months in pot 22 months no pot 

From Graham Hill; Most Orchids have trees as their natural habitat where orchids thrive. You cannot get a fresher bark then that. A grower puts his orchids in pots to conveniently work with them. If one follows the logical line of thought, then one puts fresh bark in the pots to mimic the natural habitat. That is why "Kiwi Orchid Bark" is Fresh Bark and I use it for that reason.

From Fred Clarke;There has been a lot of propaganda regarding the benefits of treated bark (also referred to as aged or composted Bark). However, there are some drawbacks to composted bark. The composting of any organic material, including bark, causes acidification, the lowering of pH. To counteract this problem, lime is added to raise the pH back to neutral. Liming is holding the pH for about 18 to 24 months. After that the Ph begins to drop. When the pH drops the root system may suffer. This of course is a real problem. Root health is essential to growing good Orchids. 
It is possible to offset the pH drop by reliming composted bark. I am not sure how re-liming is best accomplished, as orchid media is a soilless, very open and well drained media. Research should be done on how best to accomplish this for growers using composted (aged) bark. One solution would be to re-pot once pH begins to drop this increases the costs. However, knowing when to do that is requiring constant monotoring and extra costs. 

I have experienced no such problems with Kiwi Orchid Bark and that is one of the main reasons I use it. Kiwi Orchid Bark holds up extremely well and exhibits little to no appreciable decay, even after 3-4 year.

All bark imported into the USA or Australia must, by law, be fumigated with Methyl bromide or heat treated. These important regulations are to assure that no unwanted organisms are introduced. Kiwi Orchid Bark is compliant with these regulations and as a result is 100 % free of pathogens and weed seeds.

At Bark Products Taranaki, every load of bark that comes in is inspected by the owners and followed through the milling process to assure the highest quality. The year to year consitency of Kiwi Orchid Bark has been exceptional. I am convinced that it is the best orchid bark on the market.

From Graham Hill; If a grower, using Fresh Bark lets it dry out it will be harder to get it moist again, but regular watering will avoid that.

I have a consideral amount of Orchid Books written by Ritterhausen, Rentoul, Northern and many more. None of them mentions aged bark


kiwiorchid bark package

kiwiorchid bark package  


During a meeting of several growers the following list of advantages of Kiwi Orchid Bark over sphagnum moss was put together: 

  • substantial lower cost
  • no weeds
  • ease of handling
  • consistency
  • clean roots
  • stability in pots
  • no algae, liverwort or fine moss 

Kiwi Orchid Bark has a track record of reliability, cleanliness, uniform grading and longevity. Other customer comments on this product include; "It is so clean", "There is no dust in it so it will not smother the roots and we have less root problems using K.O.B.", "It is very even in size" and "It lasts a lot longer than all other orchid barks". 

Give Kiwi Orchid Bark a try and it will convince you, with its quality and performance, to be a "Game Changer" for you.


Proof of quality through awards and recognition;

From Sunset Valley Orchids, Fred Clarke's "Fdk. After Dark 'Black Diamond" is visible in the revolving picture on the home page. This beautifull flower and the others on there are grown in Kiwi Orchid Bark

Lee and Roy Neale, they won "The Supreme Horticultural Award" at the Ellerslie International Flower. (Admire them, their awards and flowers in the homepage revolving picture).

Another renowned user of K.O.B was George Fuller, who had countless awards to his name. George was an instrumental player in the development of K.O.B. and had exclusively used this product since its trials and production commenced. At the 2010 Taranaki Orchid show George won several Firsts and other placings with his Pleonies and Masdevallias grown in 3FB (check out his testimonial, comments and photos).

Nola and Graham Hill, who won an Award of Distinction in 2006 and a First in 2010 in the Taranaki Orchid Show with their Masdevallia Harlequin X Copperwing.

Jenny Walsh won a total of 49 awards and 9 trophies in 2010 alone, all for flowers grown in K.O.B. Of these she received 28 firsts and other placings at the North Shore and ANOS New Zealand shows. She became Grand Champion at the ANOS show and Reserved Champion at the North Shore show. Her speciallity is Dendrobiums and Sarcochilus. She says "I will only use Kiwi Orchid Bark".


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