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Seed Raising / Potting mixes

Seed Raising mix:

Our seed raising mix is very popular. It is made according to our own recipe with quality peat, fine pumice and growers bark. Many growers are using it. 

Potting Mix:

There are two types of potting mixes you can purchase from BPT: 

1.  Mixes made according to your own recipe and ingredients tailored to your   requirements.

2.  Or our tried and tested BPT recipe from our variety of mixes.

We can add high quality peat and fertilizers, coarse or fine pumice, lime, dolomite and all the other goodies that make plants flourish.

The base for all BPT potting mixes is called Growers bark and some people refer to it as CAN fines. 

Growers bark is a well composted base, of which a composting period and processing procedure is strictly followed.

All BPT Growers bark is independently tested before use and samples of this product are regularly checked for PH, pathogenic fungi and sterility.


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