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  Kiwi Orchid Bark  

Home of the World famous "Kiwi Orchid Bark". See Kiwi Orchid Bark.

Kiwi Orchid Bark and other bark based products are manufactured at our Waitara (New Plymouth) based plant. 

Kiwi Orchid Bark is sold all over New Zealand and is exported to the USA, Hawaii, Taiwan, Vietnam,China and Australia to name a few. 

A reliable supply of raw materials and strict procedures ensures top quality products.

Admire a sample of some of our growers results using Kiwi Orchid Bark in the revolving picture.


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Bark Products Taranaki Ltd
47 Norman St
PO Box 75, Waitara, 4346
Taranaki, New Zealand
Ph/Fax: +64 6 754 6315
Email: barkproducts.taranaki@xtra.co.nz

Our Customers Say...

- "Never had a bad batch"
- "Excellent quality"
- "Pleasure to deal with"
- "Ample choice"
- "Wonderful to deal with"
- "Consistent and weedfree"
- "Stunning results"
Bark Products Taranaki

Our company is structured in the following way:

-Manufacturing:   Process bark into 12 
                          different products.

-Exporting:          Ship Kiwi Orchid Bark 
                          to countries around
                          the world.

-Wholesale:         Supply products around
                          the region and the North

-Retail:              "Bark Express"
                          delivers locally to private
                          customers around the
                          Taranaki Region.

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